Expanded program with Baths and Circulators

Baths and circulation thermostats for temperatures from -90 to +300 °C / as a standard with natural refrigerants

Huber Kältemaschinenbau has further expanded its range of classic heating and cooling thermostats.

The program offers two product lines: While the CC models meet the highest standards, the MPC models stand for simple operation and affordable prices.

The product range include immersion circulators, baths and circulation thermostats for temperatures from -90 to +300 °C. The product line also includes the smallest cooling thermostats in the world, the Ministats.

CC models and Ministats are equipped with a Pilot ONE touchscreen controller, which offers a 5.7” TFT color display as well as USB and LAN ports.

Additional features include adjustable pumping capacity, sensor calibration, clock function, auto start, a Favorites menu and a convenient menu navigation in 11 languages. Another advantage is the electronic upgrade feature - it enables the activation of additional functions such as programmer or process control.

In contrast, the MPC models focus on basics. These devices are inexpensive and are recommended for many routine tasks. These devices have an LED temperature display and protection functions according to Class III/FL (DIN 12876).

Both model ranges are available with polycarbonate or stainless steel baths. The cooling thermostats operate environmentally friendly and use natural refrigerants.

For more information, refer to www.huber-online.com or the current catalog, or call us at +49 (0) 781 9603-0.

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