From bedroom start-up to life saving technology


Medical technology start-up, MediSieve has announced its move to prestigious new offices, capping a period of rapid growth

MediSieve is the company behind a new technology, which fights disease using magnetic blood filtration. The company has recently moved to a new work space at The Translation & Innovation Hub (I-HUB), part of the Imperial College London Incubator for science companies.

The workspace in London's White City is designed as an innovation and collaboration hub for growing technology startups, and established biotech businesses.

Dr George Frodsham, founder and CEO of MediSieve, said: "We are a start-up in the true sense of the term. I started the business in my bedroom. We were previously renting and borrowing space and having access to equipment was always an issue. Having the labs has hugely increased our research and development capability, meaning we are quicker and much more cost-effective now."

The expansion of the business into a new, purpose-built research and development facility comes on the back of a string of successes for MediSieve, including a £150,000 grant by the National Institute of Health Research to start first clinical studies of their magnetic blood filtration device.

While MediSieve's new laboratories are in the Imperial Incubator, its offices are in Central Working, located within the same building. Central Working provides modern, spacious and well-equipped facilities that enable start-ups and established businesses to work together.

The MediSieve device is a medical blood-filtration device that magnetically filters particles from the bloodstream. It is still undergoing extensive testing and research to be able to target the causes of specific diseases, such as Sepsis and Leukaemia.

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