GEA invests €70 million in pharma technology centre in Germany

Published: 2-Sep-2022

The new facility will spur growth and innovation in the strategically important pharmaceutical sector

GEA is investing €70 million in the construction of a new pharmaceutical technology centre for freeze dryers in Elsdorf in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Spread across some 40,000 m2, the new facility, which is scheduled for completion by 2024, will stimulate better innovation opportunities and further growth in the attractive lyophilisation (freeze-drying) market.

This process is essential to manufacturing a wide variety of injectable pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines. GEA is a longstanding leader in the global freeze-drying market.

“With our Mission 26 strategy, we aim to spur our profitable growth by offering sustainable solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries,” says CEO Stefan Klebert. “Given how the new pharmaceutical technology centre will leverage GEA’s full potential in the growing pharmaceutical sector, this investment dovetails perfectly with Mission 26.”

Since the current plant in Hürth, North Rhine-Westphalia, has reached its capacity limit, all areas, from development through design and production to assembly and services will relocate to the new site. Construction will get under way in 2023. All of the approximately 250 employees will relocate to the new nearby plant.

"By building in Elsdorf, the GEA Group has sent a strong signal that it is a good place to do business. We are very pleased about this decision and hope that it will lead to further commercial land designations and commercial settlements."

"My thanks in particular go to the representatives of GEA, who have chosen Elsdorf, as well as to the urban development company and our business development department, who have jointly implemented the process," emphasises Mayor Andreas Heller.

Elsdorf will be home to GEA’s second Factory of the Future

Following the construction of the first newly designed site in Koszalin (Poland), which started production this year, the second "GEA Factory of the Future" is being built in Elsdorf.

The concept is based on modular and digital production structures that ensure maximum flexibility while maintaining productivity, thus making a significant contribution to the growth strategy in the pharmaceutical sector.

Construction work on the new site will adhere to the highest sustainability standards (dedicated power generation, carbon neutrality) and implement innovative new digital solutions at every link in the value chain.

“Our Factory of the Future concept is instrumental to driving corporate growth and securing long-term competitiveness,” says COO Johannes Giloth. “Elsdorf will set new benchmarks for optimising our global production network and its performance.”

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