GE Healthcare Life Sciences to open biopharma technology lab in Turkey

Laboratory a key component of GE’s new Innovation Centre in Istanbul and supports Turkey’s ambitions to expand domestic biopharmaceutical industry

GE Healthcare Life Sciences, a global tools, technologies and services provider in life science research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, is to open a Technology and Training Laboratory to support Turkey’s expanding biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

A key component of GE’s Turkey Innovation Centre in Istanbul, the laboratory will open to customers, industry and academic partners from mid-2015. This adds to GE’s global network of biopharmaceutical customer training and technology facilities in the US, UK, China, India and Sweden.

The GE Healthcare Life Sciences Technology Laboratory will feature the company’s latest tools and technologies for drug discovery, protein science and bioprocessing research. It will offer advanced technical training and technology evaluation to the Turkish biopharma sector, as well as being open to universities as a location for elements of biotechnology degree courses. Academics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers will also have access to the laboratory for small scale research studies using the latest GE equipment, as will GE customers from the Middle East and Russia.

Turkey plans to expedite the transformation of its healthcare sector through domestic manufacturing of both devices and pharmaceuticals, with plans for local pharmaceutical manufacturing to represent 60% of the country’s consumption.

'The GE Healthcare Life Sciences Istanbul Technology and Training Laboratory is an excellent commitment to Turkey’s biotechnology goals, and will be very useful to Turkish R&D and industry,' said Dr Irem Yenice, Biotechnology Division Manager, Arven. 'Connecting different scientific fields and helping to strengthen industrial applications, the laboratory could be an important support to growth and innovation in Turkey.'

Myra Eskes, General Manager, GE Healthcare Life Sciences Eastern & Africa Growth Markets said: 'Our investment in the Istanbul Technology and Training Laboratory underscores GE’s commitment to supporting growth in life sciences and the biopharmaceutical industry in both Turkey and the region, complementing and strengthening academic and industry investments in biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing.'