GE Healthcare launches HCA Award

Award recognises research carried out with GE Healthcare’s IN Cell Analyser

Dr Nick Thomas

GE Healthcare has launched the first annual GE Healthcare High-Content Analysis (HCA) Award.

The award wishes to acknowledge the contribution made by HCA to scientific understanding and celebrate its impact on data quality and quantity, and in transforming the efficiency of research and discovery.

‘HCA has transformed the way in which researchers investigate biological systems by increasing the number of scientific questions they can ask while simultaneously decreasing the time taken to achieve results,’ said Nick Thomas, principal scientist, Cell Technologies at GE Healthcare. ‘The latest developments in instrumentation, software and applications allow a depth and breadth of biological analysis that would have seemed impossible only a few years ago.’

Entries are welcomed from scientists using the IN Cell Analyser 1000, 2000 or 3000. The closing date is 30 June.

Dr Joe Trask

An expert scientific panel comprising Thomas, Joe Trask, head of Cellular Imaging Core at Hamner Institutes of Health Services and Patrick Lo, associate editor of BioTechniques, will review the entries.

The entries should demonstrate the power of multiparametric analysis in providing a deeper understanding of a biological process; the ability to measure something that you couldn’t measure before; time/cost saved relative to your original (traditional) method within (a) your workflow, or (b) the whole programme; and a positive impact on your research/discovery programme.

The HCA Award will be presented to the author of the winning entry during one of the following conferences: ASCB 2010, Neuroscience 2010, CHI HCA 2011, SBS 2011, or AACR 2011. The winner will also have an opportunity to present a poster based on his/her work.