GSK opens Singapore facility to reduce production time

Published: 5-Jul-2019

Singapore has been key in GSK’s plan to develop advanced manufacturing technologies, such as continuous manufacturing and digital manufacturing

GSK has officially opened the result of its US$96 million investment. New state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities built in Singapore will improve production times for the pharma giant.

The new facilities are located in GSK's Jurong site and include two continuous manufacturing facilities, and an expansion of one of the site's production buildings.

One of the new continuous manufacturing facilities is part of Jurong's R&D Pilot Plant and will strengthen the site's capability in drug manufacture by allowing faster production of APIs for clinical trials.

The first New Chemical Entity (NCE) to be developed at the new facility will be Daprodustat, a new oral treatment for anaemia associated with chronic kidney disease. The new manufacturing process is expected to reduce production time of Daprodustat, enabling faster access to this medicine for patients globally.

Chng Kai Fong, Managing Director of EDB said: "Over the years, GSK has continually partnered with Singapore to develop advanced manufacturing technologies, such as continuous manufacturing and digital manufacturing."

The expansion of the production building which makes APIs for HIV medicines will strengthen GSK's capability to produce Dolutegravir, a key GSK asset for HIV treatment. The investment has enabled the renewal of critical infrastructure in the production building and has allowed GSK to test and develop digital technologies in the manufacturing process to drive productivity improvement.

The investment demonstrates GSK's commitment to Singapore as a key manufacturing and supply site for its global pharmaceutical business and a testbed for advanced manufacturing technology.

The investment behind the new facilities is part of the GSK-EDB 10-year Singapore Manufacturing Roadmap.

Lim Hock Heng, VP & Site Director of Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain Singapore, GSK said: "Advanced manufacturing systems are pivotal for GSK to stay at the forefront of the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Further investment in digital manufacturing operations and processes will allow GSK to ensure efficient and high-quality production of our medicines."

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