HTL ups GMP production capacity of injectable-grade sodium hyaluronate

The French facility will multiply HTL Biotechnology’s injectable-grade sodium hyaluronate production capacity by 2.5 times by 2021

HTL has invested in a state-of-the-art production facility that will multiply its injectable grade sodium hyaluronate production capacity by 2.5 by 2021. This new capacity represents a much-needed opening in a global market under high pressure.

Medical applications of Hyaluronic Acid (aka hyaluronan) in ophthalmics, esthetics and rheumatology combined represent a global market of US$10 billion characterised by a sustained growth currently within a range of 6–10% annually. However, this opportunity is threatened by a growing imbalance between supply and demand. In that context, the announcement of the construction of a new medical-grade Hyaluronic Acid production unit by HTL is expected to boost the global market of its medical applications and further encourage biopolymer-based innovation.

"This new, unprecedented capacity investment demonstrates the long-term commitment of HTL and its shareholders to anticipate and fulfil the growing needs of its customers worldwide," said Yvon Bastard, CEO of HTL. The new production facility is located in Javené, France where HTL conducts all its production, R&D and analytical activities."

The new facility will have many cleanrooms of varying classifications. To build them, HTL is working with a consulting architecture engineering company.

Founded in the 90s, HTL's investment strategy accelerated in 2017 when the French biotechnology company built a new R&D laboratory, followed in 2018 by the commissioning of a new GMP fermentation and purification pilot plant. These consecutive investments serve the ambition of HTL, not only to grow its leadership in Hyaluronic Acid worldwide, but also to build tomorrow's glycosaminoglycan-based solutions for new medical applications such as biomaterials for regenerative medicine or implantology.

With its fermentation and organic synthesis platforms, the company is already able to support its customers in creating more functionality and value by developing chemically modified biopolymers tailored to their specific needs.

HTL solutions are used in premium products such as injections for cataract surgery, wrinkle filling, osteoarthritis treatment, or in topical form for dry eye treatment. HTL is specialised in tailor-made development of high purity, high consistency biopolymers suiting every specific need of the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. It is also the only supplier with the expertise to produce Hyaluronic Acid from very low to very high molecular weight by fermentation.