High-speed foreign body detection for glass packaging

Mettler-Toledo Safeline adds InspireX R50G system to portfolio

The InspireX R50G X-ray inspection system can accurately inspect up to 1,200 containers a minute

Mettler-Toledo Safeline has launched the InspireX R50G X-ray inspection system to enhance glass foreign body detection in glass packaging at high throughput speeds.

Ideal for inspecting small-to-large diameter glass jars containing a broad range of food and pharmaceutical products, the InspireX R50G offers manufacturers high detection levels across the entire container to meet increasingly stringent food safety standards.

Traditionally, the base of glass jars has presented a challenge for X-ray inspection systems, as the thicker glass in the base absorbs more X-rays than the thinner wall, masking foreign bodies. The InspireX R50G, however, features an angled single X-ray beam to inspect blind spots at the base, as well as in the body, maximising the likelihood of detection. The body, neck and cap are all fully imaged on the X-ray detector ensuring comprehensive inspection of the container and enabling inspection of jar fill level as well.

The InspireX R50G can accurately inspect up to 1,200 containers a minute. The high-speed automated reject device ensures that only contaminated products are removed without the need to slow production. The machine’s data logging and X-ray image library include automatic time stamps for rejected products, enabling manufacturers to demonstrate due diligence and guarantee products conform to the highest food safety standards.

‘With tougher food safety regulations worldwide, it is more important than ever for food manufacturers to have X-ray systems that offer the most sensitive product inspection,’ said Niall McRory, Key Account Manager, Mettler-Toledo Safeline. ‘An X-ray system that offers flexibility and enhanced productivity will enable brand owners to respond to fast-changing market demands.’

The InspireX R50G features a 15in touchscreen display with multi-language capabilities for ease of use, with minimal training necessary. The compact, hygienic design allows it to be installed, maintained and cleaned with minimal downtime.