Huntingdon Life Sciences and Harlan Laboratories to rebrand


Combined company will consist of two business units: Contract Research Services (CRS) and Research Models and Services (RMS)

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) and Harlan Laboratories are to be rebranded to reflect their new integrated management structure and the broader product and service offerings of the businesss, which were combined in May 2014.

Two core business units of Research Model and Services (RMS) and Contract Research Services (CRS) have been established from existing capabilities across Harlan and HLS, as well as subsidiaries of both companies.

The RMS business unit provides high-quality research models, lab animal diets and bedding, and support services from 30 sites worldwide.

CRS offers a comprehensive range of drug development and environmental sciences services, including safety assessment, analytical, metabolism, CMC, and regulatory consultancy from nine contract research facilities in Europe, the US and the Middle East.

The new company will be able to deliver a broader range of products and services to customers from more global locations.

Chief Executive Brian Cass said: ‘The decision to rebrand the two companies as one entity is the natural progression of a sustained integration process that was put in place last year. It is a symbol of the fact that as one integrated company we are now able to further diversify the range of products and services we can provide to the market, further supporting existing relationships while growing our business globally with new customers. Our goal is to establish our new company as the number one development partner for customer service and scientific expertise.’

The combined company employs 3,500 people and has sales approaching US$500m.

As a result of the integration, the company claims to be the largest provider of research services to the crop protection and chemical industries, the second-largest supplier of research models and services, and the third largest in the preclinical pharmaceutical development arena.

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The formal rebranding completion date is yet to be finalised, with full execution and implementation later this year.