ILS completes work on new laboratory


New facility is now open for business

ILS has completed the building work on its new state-of-the-art laboratory in Shardlow in the UK, following a fire in February 2013. It is now fitted out with all-new equipment, including four automated plate inoculating robots for Food Microbiology.

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section has moved into the new laboratory premises and the validation/qualification process to comply with cGMP has been completed on the installed instrumentation. As such this new laboratory facility is now open for business.

The Pharmaceutical Microbiology department has started the relocation of non-sterile testing into the new laboratory. Testing in the new laboratory will commence once the equipment has been validated/revalidated and signed off as ready for operational use.

Work continues on the validation and qualification of the instruments and systems for the new Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory and the Food Microbiology Laboratory.

Having the opportunity to redesign the facility and the laboratory work ‘Process Flow’ will allow ILS to pass on the benefits of fast and on-time delivery to customers coupled with increased quality and economies of scale, enabling it to provide a service of the highest scientific standards and remain at the forefront of contract laboratory testing, the company says.

'We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience, ongoing support and commitment to ILS during the redevelopment process. We are currently planning a celebratory event to showcase our new facility; the event will also be an excellent opportunity for our customers to familiarise themselves with our capabilities,' say Lorraine Bater, Operations Director, and Stewart Neithercut, Head of Business Development.

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'This is a major milestone achieved following the challenges and frustrations we have encountered over the last few months. The recovery process has been extensive; we would like to thank our staff and colleagues in the industry for their extraordinary dedication, hard work and support during this difficult and challenging period.