IMA at PACK EXPO Chicago 2022

Published: 20-Oct-2022

Discover the company's processing and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industry on show

IMA is pleased to announce its presence at PACK EXPO Chicago 2022 to present its latest processing and packaging range of solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Food markets. 

Furthermore, on Booth S-2814 discover the innovative E-CO Flex1 the Pack Station of the Future for the E-commerce sector, designed by IMA in collaboration with Intertape Polymer Group. 

The company's stand will be divided in two main areas, pharma and food, resembling the two main markets present on show. The central mile will guide visitors through the stand from one end to the other. During the promenade a consistent and recognisable renewed image will highlight the principles of innovation and sustainability.

IMA Pharma, the All-In-One supplier specialised in the design and manufacture of automatic machines and complete lines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products is composed of highly expert divisions able to offer tailor-made solutions for the most sophisticated requests of the market.

IMA Active together with Thomas Processing (Solid Dose Solutions), IMA Life (Aseptic Processing and Freeze-Drying Solutions) IMA Safe (Packaging Solutions) and IMA BFB (End of Line Solutions) combine unique skills and knowledge where people, equipment and technology come together in perfect synergy.

On show, an accurate selection of machines from the pharma sector:

- C40 Blister packaging machine developed by IMA Safe. The machine guarantees complete visibility of the whole packaging process and full accessibility for the operator. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum, thanks to easy cleaning operations and fast and simple changeovers. Moreover, the consolidated technology has a low impact on maintenance costs.

- CPH2-RP4, by IMA BFB, is an integrated solution incorporating in an extremely compact structure, all the functions of a side loading case packer and palletiser.

- Stick 360 PL4 Vertical intermittent motion stick machine created by IMA Perfect Pack, is available on different configurations depending on the product to pack: paste products, fluid products, powders, free and non-free flowing products. 

- IMA Safe Comadis C1075 Automatic tubefiller, high efficiency in compact size for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and foodstuff products. 


IMA serves the international Food market with the best platforms and machines available to satisfy any industry need. A full array of processing and packaging technologies is available to cover the major industries: tea and herbs, coffee, confectionery, stock cubes and savoury, dairy and baby food, bakery, protein, produce and more.

Taking advantage of synergies and integrations with IMA companies, IMA FOOD offers fully engineered turn-key solutions delivering highly efficient packaging lines. 

Pack Expo gives IMA FOOD the chance to present a variety of specific solutions and innovations for the Tea and Coffee market, strong of a world leading position in the tea business and counting on the renowned know-how and competence of the IMA Coffee Hub (processing and packaging solutions). 

IMA FLX HUB will be showing a choice of innovative horizontal and vertical solutions for the flow wrapping of food products while IMA’s experts for processing and packaging technologies dedicated to the Confectionery industry will highlight new developments and solutions. 

Processing and packaging solutions for the dairy, stock cubes, beverage and baby food, dressings and sauces markets will be unveiled by the company’s experts of IMA Benhil, IMA Corazza and IMA Fillshape, while the IMA Dairy and Food division will highlight its most innovative Form Fill and Seal solutions for the food sector.  

The food sector will be on show presenting the following machines:  

- IMA Tea Herbs CT11 Tea bag packaging. Ideally suited to long-leaf tea and herbs as well as any premium quality tea, it ensures high production capacity for both see-through tetrahedral and pillow tea bags, running up to 200 bags/min. 

- IMA Coffee Petroncini TMR25 Roaster, specifically designed for industrial productions that require high profitability and repeatability of the roasting processes during the various working stages. It can roast up to 25 kg/cycle, minimising the waste of energy. 

- IMA Coffee Packaging SR6N Capsule filling and sealing. Designed for medium production volumes, reliable and flexible solution, ensuring high technological standards and high dosing accuracy in a compact footprint. It is equipped for the filling and sealing on 6 lanes of any type of capsule in plastic, aluminium and compostable material. 

- IMA Ilapak CARRERA I-500 entry-level flow wrapper: multiple automatic feeding options, standard full stainless-steel construction and Industry 4.0 capabilities combine to make this a system that leads the category in terms of performance, flexibility, modularity, hygiene and connectivity. 

- IMA Ilapak VEGATRONIC 6400 HD continuous vertical form fill and seal hygienic machine, developed to meet the specific demands of the meat (IQF) and produce (both IQF and fresh) industries in terms of sanitary design, accessibility, fast changeover and OEE. 

- IMA Ilapak WA 16-50 multi-head weigher: Ultra-flexible machine conceived for high speed, high accuracy applications. Can handle a wide range of products: dry, fresh, and frozen with easy detachable product contact parts available in plain execution, embossed or special coatings, weighing or counting mode, single or product mix, single or dual discharge point execution.

- IMA Ilapak Delta 6000 R, inverted flow wrapping platform with high-speed long-dwell sealing system for MAP applications up to 150ppm. Ideal for meat, cheese, pizza and bakery products.  

- IMA Delta Systems EAGLE flow wrapper and feeding system: a high speed flow wrapper platform designed to be modular and configurable to a wide range of speeds and applications with a choice of control platforms, designed to meet global requirements of efficiency, safety and performance. 

- IMA Ilapak V3600 wicketed bagger, suitable for filling and closing pre-made bags from the wicket. There are two heads in one machine frame, including two discharge conveyors that allow speeds up to 60 bags/min.  

- IMA Hassia F600 Forming, filling and sealing of sachets, produces four-sided sealed sachets at a pace of up to 80 cycles per minute, and on as many as 16 lanes. Among other differentiators, the F600 offers single-roll functionality, an improvement over two-roll formats. 

- IMA Intecma ZERO Technology punching tool, ideally suited to IMA’s Erca, Hassia, and Intecma brands of form-fill-seal (FFS) machines, the tool utilises a patented punch processproviding high-quality cutting and precutting of PET, PP and PLA. This allows for easily breaking multipacks into individual units. This technology is part of the IMA ZERO program, in particular to minimise material’s waste.  

E-CO Flex1 the Pack Station of the Future for the E-commerce sector 

IMA in collaboration with Intertape Polymer Group, (IPG) global leader of packaging and protective solutions, introduce E-CO Flex1 the Pack Station of the Future for the e-commerce sector.  

“Over the next decade, in all geographic regions, E-commerce sales continue to grow as a percentage of overall retail sales. Advanced packaging automation will be necessary to help e tailers improve both throughput and their cost position as labour markets remain tight” states Zach Kissel, VP Global E-Fulfillment with IPG. “The introduction of the E-CO Flex1 would allow for multiple pack stations to be combined into one without losing throughput and utilising much less real estate than the multiple pack station model being used today.”  

“IMA has had a long history in the design, development and production of some of the most sophisticated packaging solutions to industry. Working with IPG, IMA has combined IPG’s proprietary Water Activated Tape sealing mechanism to deliver one of the most ergonomic and sustainable packaging solutions to the E-Fulfillment industry” commented Dario Rea, Director of Research and Innovation with IMA. “The E-Co Flex1 will allow some of the larger e-commerce customers to consolidate several pack stations into a single “Pack Station of the Future”, increasing packer efficiency and operational capacity."

IMA’s Corporate commitment to sustainability and digitalisation 

IMA ZERO is the evolution of the IMA commitment to Sustainable Development. Its ultimate goal is minimising environmental impact in industrial manufacturing and promoting a working habitat that always puts people at the centre. At PACK EXPO, the focus will be on IMA NOP (No Plastic program) and a dedicated IMA OPENLab workstation. 

OPENLab, part of IMA ZERO, is the network of technological laboratories and testing areas, dedicated to the research on sustainable materials, technologies and production optimisation processes. Through the research and testing of alternative processes and materials, together with the company’s partners, we foster plastic-free and sustainable, compostable or biodegradable packaging solutions.  

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