ITT offered latest hygienic pumps and valves at PACK EXPO

Published: 4-Oct-2017

Comprehensive hygienic pump and valve portfolio provides the food and beverage industry with a wide range of processing and cleaning capabilities

ITT showcased its hygienic twin screw pumps, valves and monitoring solutions, for food and beverage operations at PACK EXPO in September.

ITT offered the following products:

  • the Bornemann SLH-4G hygienic twin screw pump is effective in a wide range of product viscosities, temperatures and pressures and is also capable of pumping common clean-in-place solutions
  • the Bornemann SLH-4U hygienic twin screw pump offers the advantages of a hygienic twin-screw pump in a more standardised design than the SLH-4G the innovative Pure-Flo EnviZion valve, named Breakthrough Product of the Year by Processing Magazine, brings a completely new diaphragm valve platform to the industry, significantly reducing the time and expense associated with the long-term operation and maintenance of these critical process components
  • the award-winning i-ALERT 2 Bluetooth Smart monitor allows customers to identify potential problems before they become costly failures. It tracks pump vibration, temperature, run-time hours and wirelessly syncs the data with a smartphone or tablet through the i-ALERT2 mobile app.

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