Immunologix and DavosPharma agree alliance

Leader in 100% human therapeutic antibodies teams with provider of custom chemistry services

Immunologix and DavosPharma have formed a strategic alliance in which DavosPharma will distribute and market 100% antibodies produced by Immunologix.

US-based Immunologix specialises in transforming naive B-cells to produce 100% human monoclonal antibodies that can target all antigens, including cancer, viruses, bacteria, toxins and auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

The company collects patient-consented tonsil tissue following tonsillectomies and processes them in its laboratory at the SCRA Innovation Center in Charleston, South Carolina. The company holds a worldwide exclusive licence from the Medical University of South Carolina, and exclusive US and foreign patents.

DavosPharma was founded more than 38 years ago, building a reputation since then in evaluating, coordinating and delivering chemistry through strategic partners. From its portfolio of CRO partners, DavosPharma can provide a fully integrated development and manufacturing capability tailored to clients’ needs.

‘The relationship between Immunologix and DavosPharma has been building since initial discussions began in December of 2010,’ said Ryan Fiorini, chief operating officer of Immunologix.

‘The partnership allows both parties to offer their clients a platform to 100% human monoclonal antibody ready for clinical trials. It will help in bringing our game changing technology to the pharmaceutical marketplace.’

Barry Robins, president of DavosPharma, based in New Jersey, US, added: ‘Our customers will understand that the ability to identify and produce a 100% human monoclonal antibody in less than six months with fewer adverse side effects is an extremely significant differentiator.’