Informex introduces inaugural webinar series


Seven hot topics have been selected and Informex is looking for speakers for the initial programme

As part of its on-going evolution and in response to market feedback Informex, the leading tradeshow for buyers and sellers of high-value chemistry, has launched an inaugural series of webinars, designed to both educate and stimulate industry debate.

Seven hot industry topics have been carefully selected and tailored to be of maximum value to both the pharma and speciality chemical sectors. Informex is currently looking for speakers and sponsors for the initial programme. Topics and provisional dates are as follows:


Step-By-Step Social Media Guide for Exhibitors

  • Learn how to utilise social media effectively to enhance your business
  • Assess avenues for promoting your services and products
  • Develop and strengthen relationships cost effectively
  • Capitalise on social media’s word-of-mouth viral properties to enhance your reputation

How to Grow Your Business in Latin America

  • Explore opportunities in this rapidly growing market without leaving your desk
  • Discover how these now stable economies, geographic location and low-cost
  • manufacturing base make Latin America ideal for investment
  • Hear from domestic trade associations and companies with experience setting up a business in the region


Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Assess both internal and external risk factors
  • Position your company to be a leader in corporate responsibility
  • Capitalise on PR/Media management opportunities
  • Incorporating your corporate responsibility plan


Organic Chemistry 101 for Chemical Business Professionals

  • A ‘chemistry class’ for non-technical chemical professionals in sales, marketing and business development
  • Understand the chemical industry better and where your company and products ‘fit’
  • Clarify your customers’ needs
  • Bridge the gap between technical and scientific functions and sales and marketing
  • Open new doors in your career plan

Waste Management

  • Interpreting the latest regulatory issues surrounding waste management and disposal
  • Describing safety issues in waste management
  • Discovering new recycling opportunities
  • Creating new revenue streams, reducing costs and improving sustainability


Navigating Drug Delays

  • Mastering how to avoid and minimise potential delays
  • Exploring the FDA’s draft guidance on adaptive design
  • Creative approaches to combat lengthening timelines and clinical research costs

January 2011

Supply Chain Security Management

  • Learn how to mitigate supply chain risk
  • Pinpoint actions to improve security with your products
  • Advancing what regulatory bodies can do to enhance the supply chain protection
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If you feel that you, or someone within your organisation, could contribute as a speaker, please contact Caitlin Devlin or if you are interested in sponsoring a session, contact Devin Hader .