Introducing Mobius Chrom 20 System from Merck

Published: 4-Nov-2020

For purification of clinical and process scale biologics

The Mobius Chrom 20 system is a flexible, automated, single-use chromatography system that enables consistent and reliable separation and purification of mAbs, vaccines, plasma, and therapeutic proteins at clinical and process scales.

The innovative single-use flowpath reduces contamination risk and gives you the confidence to tackle any chromatography challenge, while the flexible design featuring a standard hardware platform that can be combined with a selection of options, empowers you to meet your unique process requirements.

The Mobius Chrom 20 system delivers optimal operational flexibility for processes up to 2000L with flow rates up to 20L/min, a 5:1 turn down ratio at process scale, and enhanced isocratic and linear gradient accuracy.

Click here to download the white paper.

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