Invetech announces upcoming launch of ready-to-run cell therapy systems


The biopharmaceutical industry partner has developed ready-to-run turnkey systems to produce advanced cell therapy solutions at scale and will soon be bringing the first to market

Invetech is extending its offering beyond custom cell and gene therapy manufacturing solutions and consulting services to include ready-to-run turnkey systems to accelerate the development and commercialisation of life-changing therapies.

Leveraging years of experience, intellectual property and technical capability, Invetech has developed ready-to-run turnkey systems to produce advanced cell therapy solutions at scale. In the upcoming weeks, the company is bringing the first of these holistic, turnkey systems to market.

Our ready-to-run systems reflect the thoughtful design and precision engineering

These new, ready-to-run systems will offer greater speed, efficiency, reliability and scalability in the advancement of life-saving therapies for our clients and the treatment of their patients.

"Our ready-to-run systems reflect the thoughtful design and precision engineering that clients have come to expect from our custom solutions," the company stated.

Invetech's cell therapy systems offer:

Efficiency - Available ready-to-run, our turnkey systems help reduce manufacturing costs and accelerate time to market.

Flexibility - The systems offer modular options as well as customisation capabilities, as needed. Designed as standalone systems for unit operations, the systems can be easily integrated into end-to-end production solutions.

Simplicity - Simplicity and automation have been placed at the top of the design agenda, reducing the clients' burden on skilled operators.

Reliability - A holistic approach to design, engineering and manufacturing assures clients that the solutions are proficient for small and larger-scale production environments. Closed systems reduce the amount of user involvement/interruptions to process, reducing variability and increasing reliability.

The journey

Two decades ago, in the early days of cell therapeutics, the company's challenge was to help clients unlock the biological potential from a lab into a level of technical feasibility at manufacturing production scale.

With the fast acceleration of the industry, the pressure on client resources and speed-to-market imperatives called for increasingly advanced technical design, engineering and manufacturing methods.

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"With the rapid acceleration of cell and gene therapies, the industry is in need of highly effective, efficient and scalable technologies that can rapidly grow with the therapies' development and commercial evolution," said Andreas Knaack, Invetech's President.

In advocating for these life-saving advances, Invetech recognised more needed to be done to accelerate and enhance the development and manufacturing capability available to the cell therapy market – to make more therapies economically viable and accessible to more people.

"Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of advanced scientists, clinicians, technicians and operations managers worldwide. Through our work, we have gained great insight into common user needs and challenges, design parameters, technical specifications and production factors," the company stated.

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Knaack added: "As an invested healthcare innovation partner with almost 20 years of history in automating the production of cell and gene therapies, our new offering of ready-to-run turnkey cell therapy systems represents Invetech's contribution to making life-saving therapies accessible to more patients at higher pace."