Is the technology ready for perfusion processes?


Read Merck's white paper to learn more about the use of a cell retention device and specially designed expansion media

Is the technology ready for perfusion processes?

While delivering remarkable benefits for patients, the biopharmaceutical industry continues to experience pressure to accelerate timelines, increase flexibility to address multiple-product manufacturing and/or market demand, and significantly reduce the manufacturing cost of goods.

Intensified processing is one approach that is being used to successfully address these challenges by increasing speed, reducing plant footprint, and improving productivity without compromising product quality.

Upstream processes can be intensified using a number of strategies:

  • Through the seed train with high cell density cryopreservation and perfused seed train.
  • Through production processes with high seed fedbatch, concentrated fed-batch, ultra-high VCD fedbatch, steady-state perfusion, and dynamic perfusion.

Read the full white paper here.

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