Jubilant Biosys begins two drug discovery facility expansions in India


The CRO has invested in expansion of the Greater Noida and Bengalaru facilities

Jubilant's existing Greater Noida facility. Image as seen on company website

Indian Jubilant Biosys has commenced two expansion projects in Greater Noida and Bengaluru. The company said growing customer demand for its range of functional and integrated drug discovery services is the drive behind the scale up.

The Indian CRO has started design and construction of brand new chemistry services laboratories on the existing Jubilant Greater Noida site. The chemistry FTE capacity will be doubled and operations are expected to commence in 2020. The new site can accommodate up to 500 Chemistry FTE's. The site will be designed for the highest global compliance standards and deliver superior speed and quality in the entire drug discovery process.

In Bengaluru, Jubilant Biosys has obtained a 10-acre plot in the Devanahalli Industrial Park. A completely new drug discovery services site will be constructed in phases for further expansions.

In addition, the company has formed a new digital business unit comprising of Bio-Informatics, Data-curation for AI/ML, TrialStat EDC software as well as discovery focussed AI/ML capabilities. This business unit will also further expand on the new Bengalaru site and deliver increased benefits to our customers.

Marcel Velterop, President of Jubilant Biosys, said: " We will soon be able to offer our customers much-improved capacity and services as well as ability to deliver an integrated IND package along with superior functional discovery services."

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