LIVE FROM CPhI: Stiplastics applies IML technology to dosing products


Provides clear and indelible dosage instructions and marketing information

Stiplastics has applied in-mould labelling technology to pharmaceutical dosing products.

The French designer, developer and manufacturer of plastic injection-moulded products has previously used IML to decorate plastic products in the food industry, but the technique is less widespread in the healthcare sector. Its advantages are that the IML label can be placed on a cylindrical surface, such as a dosing cup, complete with multiple graphics, including graduations, dosing information and marketing messages. The graduations will not fade over time and decorative elements are indelible.

The IML cup fits on top of a bottle top thanks to a system of inner wedges produced in strict compliance with technical constraints. The cup ‘clicks’ and stays firmly in place and there is no need to add any printed sleeves.

Stiplastics has also used IML technology on containers for transporting biological samples and Spoonbox multidosage dosing spoons.

It is possible to print a label with UV and oxygen protection properties that decorate the container while protecting the contents. A hologram or irreproducible sign could be inserted into the IML label to protect against counterfeiting.

Special child-orientated decoration is also possible, which could help with compliance.