LIVE FROM INTERPACK: FrymaKoruma Dinex offers improved performance


With the inclusion of a new homogenising system

Romaco Group has improved the performance of the FrymaKoruma Dinex vacuum processing unit for manufacturing liquids and semi solids by including a state of the art homogenising system based on the rotor stator principle. Short and long loop bypass pipes allow production flexibility regarding batch sizes and optimal adjustments to all process parameters.

The Dinex, for the production of creams, lotions, gels, ointments, toothpaste and other kinds of dispersion, meets all special requirements for the manufacture of parenteral, pulmonary, peroral and percutaneous dosage forms. For processing individual components, the plant is equipped with a powerful homogeniser, designed according to the rotor-stator principle. The high tangential speed of the rotor generates extreme shearing forces against the simultaneous counter-forces of the stator. These forces achieve optimum dispersal along with a fine distribution of particles in the micrometer range and below.
FrymaKoruma Dinex includes a new homogenising system based on the rotor stator principle

FrymaKoruma Dinex includes a new homogenising system based on the rotor stator principle

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Depending on the application, the stator can be optionally moved out, to flexibly control the application of shearing energies. This provides high pump performance with simultaneous gentle circulation of the product mass.

The latest generation of homogenisers has significantly improved the performance of the Dinex. It has a 10% better shear rate, produces smaller droplets (D50 value <= 300nm) and offers a narrower particle size distribution. It also introduces less heat into the product and achieves optimal emulsion results faster.

The product components are sucked directly into the mixing zone of the homogeniser and are immediately homogenised. Both dry and liquid components can be supplied in up to five different product feeds.

The product is then fed into the tank, either through an internal (short loop) or external (long loop) bypass pipe. The short loop is used in the production of small batch sizes and for processing products with a high proportion of soap, preventing serious foam formation during the production process. Very large preparations can be processed quickly and effectively through the long loop, where the contra-directional stripper stirrer in the tank provides good, thorough macro-mixing.

The plant also meets all of the conditions for installation in zones at risk of explosion, as well as for sterile production in cleanrooms.