Laminar Medica introduces air cargo cold chain packaging

For the transportation of temperature-sensitive drugs

The Chiltern Cargo range is specifically for the transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

Laminar Medica, a supplier of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, offers a new range of bulk packaging systems, designed specifically for the transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals in aircraft cargo holds.

The Chilltherm Cargo range features a Lock & Load wall panel assembly design for the loading of full pallet-sized payload of biopharmaceuticals, bulk actives and clinical specimens.

The products feature a dual layer self-supporting structure using lightweight insulation materials (advanced EPS graphite foam and PUR foam board), eliminating the need for additional cardboard sleeves.

The UK-based firm says the robust construction promotes re-use, while containing fewer components, reduced weight, and thinner walls to increase useful product space. It is also quick and intuitive to assemble.

There are three aircraft skid-compatible payload sizes in the initial launch including 1,302 litres (1/4 PMC), 2,772 litres and 3,664 litres (1/2 PMC).

The product uses Laminar’s standard size leak proof gel pack, MediTray, which provides a controlled release of the cooling energy across the inner wall of the shipper, without freezing the sensitive product load.