Live from CPhI: Burgopak reaches US F=1 standard for child resistance

New smaller pack uses the same locking mechanism as original child-resistant product

The new child resistant pack has achieved the US Consumer Product and Safety Commission F=1 standard

Burgopak Healthcare & Technology has achieved the US Consumer Product and Safety Commission’s F=1 standard for child resistance for a new pack size, conforming with US regulatory standards for poison prevention packaging.

The new pack uses the same innovative locking mechanism as the UK firm’s original child resistant design, which keeps the sliding blister tray and patient information leaflet (PIL) connected at all times. To open the pack and access the medication the patient pushes on two release buttons on either side of the pack with one hand while simultaneously pulling the highlighted tab with the other. The tray slides open to reveal the blister on one side with the PIL on the other. To close the pack the patient simply pushes the tab back into its original position, in doing so locking the tray back in place.

The blister, PIL and outer carton remain permanently connected, supporting better patient compliance, the firm says.

The new pack dimensions are 100 x 72 x 15mm and it can accommodate aluminium or PVC blisters up to 70 x 57 x 9mm.

During testing with one client the new format achieved a pass rate of 96% for child resistance and 99% for senior friendly effectiveness from certified test. In a second test with another client it achieved 98% for child resistance and 98% for senior friendly effectiveness.

The new child resistant pack also uses a recyclable tear-resistant material. The classified ‘5’ plastic material differs from other tear resistant boards using plastic laminates that make recycling or composting difficult.