Malvern adds new Mastersizer and Zetasizer products


With its recent acquisitions the company has a rapidly growing portfolio of analytical solutions for pharma and biopharma applications

Malvern Instruments has introduced two accessories for the Mastersizer particle size analysers. These include the Hydro Sight imaging accessory, designed to enable rapid method development through providing real-time visual monitoring of liquid sample dispersions. This helps save time and resource, so that methods can be validated quickly and transferred from analytical R&D into routine use.

Alongside this, the new Hydro SV small volume liquid sample dispersion unit supports reliable particle size analysis using just a few millilitres of dispersant. This is especially important during early stage development where sample may be scarce. Both of these provide access to reliable particle size data at all stages in the product development lifecycle.

The recent acquisition of MicroCal has added microcalorimeters to Malvern’s offering, extending the company’s technology portfolio into drug discovery. Malvern MicroCal isothermal titration calorimeters and differential scanning calorimeters provide information on drug binding and protein stability and are used at almost every stage of drug discovery, development and formulation.

Alongside this, Malvern’s acquisition of NanoSight and the purchase of the Archimedes system from Affinity Biosensors have expanded its analytical technologies for determining formulation stability and detecting aggregates within biologic formulations.

The Archimedes system employs the technology of Resonant Mass Measurement (RMM) and also offers the ability to distinguish between particles of proteinaceous or foreign origin in the sub visible size region. It has important applications in biopharmaceutical safety assessments, such as identifying and quantifying silicone oil contaminants in pre-filled syringes.

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Malvern will be showcasing these and other products at AAPS 2014 in San Diego from 2 to 6 November on Booth #330.