MedPharm opens new £500,000 UK GMP facility


Adds a microbiology lab, cleanroom suites, ICH stability testing area to support clinical trials

MedPharm, a UK-based topical and transdermal formulation development specialist, has opened a new £500,000 GMP facility in Guildford as it strives to double turnover and increase market share over the next five years.

The investment adds a new microbiology laboratory, cleanroom suites, a dedicated ICH stability testing area and a quality control and performance testing laboratories to support Phase I and II clinical manufacture. The facility also allows for the manufacture of highly potent compounds up to OEB 4 level with a manufacturing batch scale of up to 50kg and primary packaging, labelling and randomisation services.

'The opening of the new site is a huge milestone for our business. We can now offer a true one-stop shop for formulation development, all provided in house,' said MedPharm's Chief Executive Dr Andrew Muddle.

'In particular, the bespoke clinical trials supplies production facility, regulated by state-of-the-art monitoring systems, will provide clinical manufacturing capabilities designed to handle a range of non-sterile dosage forms. These include liquids, semi-solid gels, creams and ointments, as well as inhaled products, sprays and transdermal patches.'

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The expansion was funded partly with assistance from Lloyds Commercial Banking.