Merck Serono announces Global Grants Programme

Pledges €20m to advance innovation and medical education

Merck Serono, the biopharmaceutical division of Merck, has announced the Merck Global Grants programme that underscores its commitment to funding scientific innovation and independent medical education around the world. The initiative encompasses Merck's complete grants portfolio, including the Grants for Innovation in Research and Grants for Independent Medical Education.

The programme has a total annual investment of €20m across all grants programmes, highlighting the company’s efforts to promote advances in the field of medicine, addressing gaps in healthcare knowledge, and improving the quality of patient care.

'Merck Serono has a long-standing reputation as a strong advocate for scientific innovation and medical education, believing that both are integral to helping healthcare professionals bring enhanced care to patients,' said Steven Hildemann, Global Chief Medical Officer and Head of Global Medical and Safety at Merck Serono.

The Grants for Innovation in Research identify and fund promising research across the biopharmaceutical industry, including academia, research centres, start-ups and independent researchers. Specific grants focus on areas in which Merck Serono has a strong R&D and commercial presence, including oncology, multiple sclerosis, fertility and growth innovation.

The programme includes the launch of an online portal which allows transparent and ethical interactions with medical education providers. Funding is provided to educational institutions such as universities, medical education providers, medical scientists and scientific organisations.