Merck introduces Bio4C orchestrator software

Published: 18-Nov-2020

Merck will launch additional Bio4C Software Suite products in 2021

Merck has launched its Bio4C orchestrator software, which allows users to monitor multiple unit operations remotely from a centralised dashboard.

The software is designed to optimise processes, improve quality and reduce time to market. It’s part of the company’s Bio4C software suite, a digital ecosystem aiming to provide monitoring, control and data insights on a process and plant level.

Today’s bioprocessing production environments are often islands of automation, consisting of independently functioning, standalone unit operations. Bioprocess scientists spend significant time moving from skid to skid logging in, loading recipes, creating reports and managing alarms. This disconnected approach is an inefficient and time-consuming way to monitor and visualise bioprocesses.

Merck’s Bio4C Orchestrator Software connects individual unit operations to a centralised platform for unified visibility and monitoring of regulatory compliant biomanufacturing systems and processes. This browser-based software solution provides remote access to systems, recipes, reports, user accounts and alarms from a holistic process dashboard.

The Bio4C orchestrator software is designed specifically for biopharmaceutical manufacturing by bioprocessing industry experts. The software allows customised implementation in months — not years — at low cost. Built for pharma from the ground up, the solution’s scalable, modular architecture grows and adapts as manufacturing and facilities change and evolve.

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