Multifunctional hand protection from Arco


Gloves protect hands against chemicals and sharp instruments

Arco, a UK supplier of personal protective equipment and clothing, is making it easier for workers requiring chemical and cut protection to choose the right glove with a new range of Neoprene gloves.

There are five gloves in the range: the Arco Lightweight Neoprene Gauntlet, the Cut 5 Neoprene Gauntlet, the Cut 5 Hi Vis Neoprene Gauntlet, the Cut 5 Reverse Liner Neoprene Gauntlet and the Arco Thermal Neoprene Gauntlet.

Neoprene is a versatile synthetic rubber that has excellent physical toughness and offers a high level of protection against a variety of liquid and cut hazards, the firm says.

The outer section of the gloves has been hardened to increase chemical and abrasion resistance and all styles feature seamless bonded cotton liners to provide high levels of comfort and protection. Many of the gloves in the range also protect hands from extreme temperatures. Their chemical resistance makes them suitable for occupations where oils, acids and alcohol, chemical transport and cleaning and de-greasing take place.

The Cut 5 Neoprene Gauntlet, formerly known as the Arco Waste and Recycling glove, offers Cut 5 resistance and a new Neoprene outer shell. It is suitable where the main hazard is chemical agents and a reliable chemical barrier is needed. The glove has a strong cut resistant liner for maximum hand protection against sharps, and is heat resistant up to 100°C.

The Arco Cut 5 High Vis Neoprene Gauntlet has the same properties as the Neoprene Gauntlet but is in high visibility orange.

The Arco Lightweight Neoprene Gauntlet is for environments where there is a risk of chemical agents and hand protection is required but there is an additional need for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. It is lightweight with a bonded coating that gives even chemical protection.

The Arco Thermal Neoprene Gauntlet offers the same levels of protection as the Arco Cut 5 Neoprene Gauntlet with the addition of a fleece liner to keep hands warm.

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The Arco Reverse Liner Neoprene Gauntlet is for use where the main risk is sharps but chemical agents pose a secondary risk. This is a strong and versatile glove with a cut resistant outer and a chemical resistant liner.