NanoLogix builds factory for medical test kits production


NanoLogix is to build a 2,800sq ft manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Hubbard, Ohio, US, which will create 12 jobs. It will contain a production cleanroom, cold-storage vault, and shipping and receiving area to be used in the production of BNP Ultra-Fast test kits.

These new kits provide accelerated detection of bacteria and pathogens – claimed to be 100–600% faster than conventional Petri plate testing. They will have applications in security, human and veterinary medicine, processing and safety of food, cosmetics and drugs, r&d and industrial and environmental testing.

The new facility will replace the company\'s current limited-production operation at its r&d laboratory in Cincinnati, boosting production to thousands of BNP kits each day. It also allows the company to expand r&d of other NanoLogix products at the Cincinnati lab.

The BNP kit is based on NanoLogix\'s sandwiched-membrane Petri technology. Bret Barnhizer, chief executive of NanoLogix, said: ‘With the BNP kits, we believe we are on our way to establishing a new \'gold standard\' for microorganism detection that will have a revolutionary effect on medical testing, diagnosis and treatment. This production facility will enable us to capitalise on our technology and provide product to those who are rapidly becoming aware of the potential of BNP.’

The test kits provide for faster detection of pathogens, including E-coli, salmonella, listeria, enterobacter, staphylococcus, anthrax and bubonic plague.

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In addition to providing ultra-fast viewing of microorganisms normally cultured on standard Petri plates, the BNP kits can be used to assist in early detection of some of the most dangerous pathogens, including those used as bio-weapons.