New Kalrez FFKM sealing products range

Published: 5-Apr-2018

The perfluoroelastomer O-ring components are available from Dichtomatik

The new DuPont Kalrez 7375 innovative FFKM sealing products provide high temperature as well as broad chemical and water/steam resistance properties.

Providing reliability and safety in chemical and general industrial fields of operation. The perfluoroelastomer O-ring components are available from Dichtomatik, the authorised distributor for a wide range of DuPont finished O-rings, as well as custom shapes, sheets and cord sealing components.

The Kalrez 7375 parts are tailored for specialised chemical applications covering broad operating temperatures from -20 to 300°C. The products, which incorporate patented cross linking technology, combine chemical resistance and a high thermal stability.

In addition the Kalrez 7375 product range have compression set resistance, physical property retention, while maintaining good mechanical strength properties under highly aggressive performance conditions.

Sealing properties can be maintained under aggressive operating conditions for pumps, valves and compressors, together with associated connectors, vessel lids, filtration and distillation columns, as well as flowmeters and analytical equipment.

The sealing products also provide broad chemical and temperature resistance (water and steam) and long-term compression set resistance for hot air at temperatures up to 300°C.

They also offer resistance to a broad range of chemicals, which ensures low volume changes when operating with products such as acetic acid, maleic anhydride and ammonium hydroxide at 100°C temperatures, together with a 98% sulphuric acid content product at 150°C.

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