New RAININ LiteTouch 1.7 ml microcentrifuge tubes

Published: 10-Nov-2010

Innovative, quick and easy one-handed tube opening

Now there’s a microtube that’s really easy to open, doesn’t give you sore thumbs and prevents the risk of contaminating your samples.

The new RAININ LiteTouch 1.7ml micro-centrifuge tube, available from Anachem, opens in a completely different way from conventional tubes. Its innovative, patented rear hinge and tab mechanism shifts the point where force is applied to open the tube from the front of the cap to the rear.

By placing the tab over the hinge, a light downward pressure is all it takes to ‘pop’ the secure seal and lift the cap, significantly reducing sore thumbs and hand fatigue.

The LiteTouch hinge and tab mechanism makes the tubes much easier and faster to open with just one hand. Additionally, your hand never comes into contact with the open mouth of the tube, thereby reducing the opportunity for cross‐contamination. The unique way of opening LiteTouch tubes virtually eliminates the risk of cross-contamination of gloves, pipettes and your sample.

LiteTouch tubes are manufactured from a durable, highly chemical resistant and high-clarity homopolymer. They have a frosted writing surface on the cap and tube body to allow for easy labelling. Each tube has graduation marks every 0.5ml and is autoclavable.

The tubes are available in natural, blue, red, green and yellow with natural tubes being available pre-sterilised. Manufactured under Class 100,000 cleanroom conditions, LiteTouch tubes are free of detectable biological contamination such as RNase, DNase, DNA, ATP, pyrogens, nucleases and PCR inhibitors.

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