New air jet sieve from Hosokawa Micron


Analysis range from 10 to 4000 microns

Hosokawa Micron’s Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200LS is a new version of an established industry standard for particle quality control by dry sieving. Additional functions include comparison analysis, trend analysis for statistics, a language switch over and country specific measurement feature. An eTimeSave programme means that users can always select the correct sieving time for their sample, the company says.

Featuring an integrated mini computer that regulates monitors and controls the sieving process, the e200LS offers reduced quality control operational times and enhanced repeatability. It has an analysis range of 10–4000 microns.

The e200LS also has a user-friendly touch screen interface. An integrated analysis guide leads the operator through the analysis as well as offering numerous additional functions. The unit can be password protected for user administration and has recipe management as well as archiving and exporting of the results. The software for the e200LS is eControl, which is available in basic, advanced and professional versions.

The new design allows for any make of sieve mesh to be used and with the added advantage of the new eTimeSave programme users are assisted in selection of the correct sieving time by using a probe in the sieving chamber. Sieving time is a critical factor in the particle size analysis, says Hosokawa.