New comprehensive LC-MS workflow

The Thermo Fisher workflow could provide higher quality data for clinical research samples

Attendees at MedLab 2017 this week will have the opportunity to see a fully-integrated liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) workflow.

It is designed to offer accurate and consistent analysis of the most challenging and complex sample matrices for clinical researchers.

This workflow is part of a research collaboration with Amerispec Diagnostics, a Dubai-based reference laboratory focused on offering mass spectrometry to the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East.

The LC-MS workflow evaluates how to improve separation, low-limit detection and quantification of molecules in biological matrices such as steroids, vitamin D and its metabolites, immunosuppressants, anti-epileptics and amino acids.

It is also designed to facilitate drug monitoring research of prescribed and illicit drugs, while addressing the analytical needs of clinical translational researchers working on transitioning new protein biomarkers toward clinical laboratories.

Yasser Ismail, founder and president of Amerispec Diagnostics, said:

“We aim to provide scientists and academic research institutions in the UAE and the region access to novel technologies, which will lead to further advancements in clinical research.”

“We will be improving patient outcomes by localising critical assays that are currently sent to the US and Europe – resulting in a drastic reduction in time to result.”

Comprised of hardware, software, training application and service support, the new workflow aims to standardise the future analysis of samples and better leverage the strengths of modern, high-throughput systems.

MedLab will be held at the Dubai International Conventional Centre, Dubai from February 6-9. The Thermo Fisher booth will be located at #Z6.D40.

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