New purification system is simple to use and self-contained

Published: 24-Aug-2010

Anachem Instruments has unveiled a personal liquid chromatography system

Anachem Instruments Ltd has unveiled the Gilson PLC 2020, a personal liquid chromatography system for Reverse and Normal Phase HPLC with FLASH purification capabilities.

This complete system was developed for chemists, to provide each with an easy-to-use, self-contained instrument specific to their purification needs on a more personal level. Ideally suited for low throughput, high and low pressure purification to support the individual or group of chemists.

Described as ‘HPLC in a box’ it is claimed to offer the diversity that chemists require with fully-functioning facilities and an intuitive software interface.

The PLC 2020 is a compact and independent purification platform capable of performing manual injection purification runs from 1 to 100mL/min with pressures up to 4060 psi. The system can hold up to four 1 litre solvent reservoirs and select between four different elution solvents. It also has integrated variable, dual wavelength UV/VIS detection and fraction collection capabilities all controlled via the easy-to-use touch screen controller, allowing the system to be completely self-contained and operated without the need for any additional equipment or space.

The PLC 2020 enables users to download/upload a variety of methods or results easily with a USB drive for quick information transfer. Its interchangeable pump heads and flow cell design enables users to completely optimise and accommodate a variety of applications.

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