Nexera LC-40: The right tool for the job

The latest product range by Shimadzu incorporates artificial intelligence allowing systems to detect and resolve issues automatically

The Nexera series of UHPLC systems offers new technology in terms of intelligence, efficiency and design.

The Nexera Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph series, launched by Shimadzu this year, has proven to make lab management simple by integrating IoT and device networking, enabling users to easily review instrument status, optimise resource allocation and achieve higher throughput.

The Nexera UHPLC series maximises reliability and uptime with fully unattended workflows that span from startup to shutdown.

Operators can set the Nexera to start up at a specified time, so that it can complete auto-purge, equilibration, baseline checks and system suitability in advance and be ready for analysis before they arrive at the lab.

In addition, FlowPilot ramps up the flow rate gradually, reducing the possibility of damage to columns. The Nexera also has auto-diagnostics and auto-recovery capabilities that allow it to monitor pressure fluctuations to check for anomalies.

Maximise uptime and reliability

With remote mobile phase monitoring and integrated consumables management, the system maximises uptime and reliability. Real-time monitoring of mobile phase levels allows lab personnel to efficiently run batches and respond accordingly if there isn’t enough mobile phase before starting a run. In addition, Nexera tracks consumable usage and sends alerts when parts need replacing, allowing users to keep the system running at peak performance.

The Nexera UHPLC series allows analysts to confirm parameters and monitor chromatograms in real time directly from a web browser on their smart device.

The Nexera UHPLC increases efficiency by automating workflows and maximising throughput analysis. The SIL-40 autosampler can process the entire injection cycle time in as little as seven seconds and continuous analysis can be carried out on up to 44 MTPs (using 3 plate changers).

The SIL-40’s plate changers enable non-stop temperature-controlled analysis of thousands of samples. The Nexera automatically blends mobile phases at any set ratio, which speeds up the preparation of buffer solutions and the dilution of solvents. Because it prepares the exact amounts required for analysis, the Nexera reduces waste and labour.

The Nexera’s compact design saves bench space and because it uses more than 80% less electricity when on standby, it significantly reduces running costs and supports an environmentally-friendly lab.


Key components of the Nexera UHPLC series include:

  • Mobile Phase Monitor MPM-40
  • System Controller SCL-40, CBM-40
  • Absorbance Detector SPD-40 / SPD-40V and Photodiode Detector SPD-M40
  • Solvent Delivery Unit LC-40 series
  • Autosampler SIL-40 series / PLATE CHANGER
  • Column Oven CTO-40 series
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