Novartis signs manufacturing memorandum in Saudi Arabia


Sudair Pharmaceuticals will work with the Swiss company on oncology drugs, which are in high demand as the country’s cancer rate soars

Dr Othman Fahad Al-Mutlaq, general manager of Novartis, and Dr Yasser Ibrahim Al-Obaida, CEO of Sudair Pharmaceuticals Company, at the signing

Novartis International and Sudair Pharmaceuticals have signed a memorandum of understanding for the manufacture of oncology drugs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as reported in Arab News.

Under the patronage of the President of the KSA FDA, the Swiss pharma company will provide Riyadh-based Sudair with all the information needed for the technology and quality standards in the creation of the range of cancer drugs.

Speaking to the news outlet, Novartis said: “Novartis has decided to strategically drive a long-term localisation plan, which includes the transfer of technology, co-manufacturing agreements with local pharma manufacturers, building capacities and strengthening its clinical research programs.”

Sudair Pharma is a Saudi-based company, which builds and operates a pharmaceutical manufacturing complex to combat chronic and life-threatening diseases.

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With the WHO revealing an increasing cancer incidence rate in the Middle East this localisation may help to address a growing problem in the Kingdom.