Ocean FX spectrometer provides high acquisition speed

Latest Ocean Optics device offers Ethernet operation, speed, sensitivity and spectral buffering

The latest miniature spectrometer from supplier of spectral solutions for optical sensing, Ocean Optics, offers high-sensitivity CMOS detector performance, an acquisition speed of up to 3,000 scans a second and on-board spectral buffering to ensure data integrity during reaction monitoring.

The Ocean FX spectrometer is suitable for high-speed sorting and grading in production environments, measurement of transient events and reaction kinetics monitoring for drug development and similar applications.

Ocean FX is anchored by a high-sensitivity CMOS detector with good response in the UV, and available with interchangeable slits.

Its on-board buffer holds up to 50,000 spectra, so users will not miss a single data point during kinetics measurements. Also, Ocean FX allows users to operate the spectrometer via Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB.

Ocean FX is available in versions optimised for the UV-Vis (200-850 nm), Vis-NIR (350-1000 nm) and extended (200-1025 nm) wavelength ranges. Enhanced-sensitivity and custom and OEM configurations are also available.