Omega-3 oils for heat-treated applications

Published: 2-Jul-2007

Frutarom USA has developed a source of omega-3 fatty acids claimed to outperform traditional omega-3 oils by providing improved flavour and shelf stability in heat-treated applications.

Alina is a patented plant source of omega-3 fatty acids from Salvia seed and is derived through a natural extraction process. It has a more neutral flavour profile, allowing for fortification without negative taste or texture impact and offers greater stability in a wide range of products such as health drinks, says the company.

While there are other vegetable sources of omega-3, such as flaxseed, canola (rapeseed) and walnuts oils, these sources are less stable toward oxidation.

Alina's odourless, neutral flavour and allergen-free qualities makes it ideal for children's formulations.

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