Ori Biotech selected to join CGT consortium


The consortium has identified the development of process analytical technology as critical to the success of the industry

Ori Biotech selected to join CGT consortium

Ori Biotech, a provider of CGT manufacturing technologies, has been selected to join the Process Analytical Technology Consortium project. The project was formed with the aim of increasing process efficiency, consistency and quality and to lower the costs of CGT by assessing the application and combination of multiple technologies for process analytics within manufacturing.

In addition to Ori, the consortium includes more than 20 pharmaceutical companies, therapeutic developers, raw material providers, technology providers, including sensor, manufacturing system and analytical tool companies, and charitable organisations. It’s led by the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, the organisation established to advance the growth of the UK CGT industry. The collaboration will be funded by the Catapult itself, as well as selective funding by either finance or materials from the consortium members.

The consortium has identified the development of process analytical technology as critical to the success of the industry. This technology will enable more detailed monitoring and control during the manufacturing process and the collection of data to be useful in process development as well as potentially predictive analytics and adaptive processing. It’s hoped to lead to better process efficiency while reducing batch failures and manufacturing costs.

The consortium will assess multiple process analytical technologies, both those developed for CGT and applied from other industries. These technologies will also be evaluated in specific manufacturing settings, in or alongside closed system processing and with specific CGT materials and equipment.

Ori has been asked to join the consortium for its expertise and specialism in CGT manufacturing and process data systems, its innovation in automation and intention to utilize the best analytical technologies to evolve the field.

Ori will specifically benefit by adding to and complementing its own investigation and development of process analytical technologies within its proprietary manufacturing platform for closing, automating and standardising manufacturing.

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“Breaking down barriers within the cell and gene therapy field is vital for its ongoing commercial and therapeutic successes required to increase access for patients to next generation therapies. Process analytics is a significant component of the major manufacturing barrier that is preventing the commercialization of therapies for patients,” said Jason C. Foster, CEO, Ori Biotech.