PAS-X information nucleus at heart of new line at B. Braun Irvine

Published: 15-Jun-2012

US site implements sophisticated multi-level IT architecture with Werum\'s PAS-X

B. Braun's US facility in Irvine, California is currently installing a new, highly automated production line with Werum's PAS-X as a core component. The line, designed to produce a variety of IV Solution bags for hospitals and clinics, will manufacture the empty bags, fill them, sterilise them and package them, all under full automation. To achieve such a sophisticated approach, B. Braun has defined a multi-level IT architecture that links ERP to PAS-X to the equipment controllers.

‘PAS-X plays a key role for us,’ explains Imran Rauf, the engineering manager for the project. ‘The MES is our main link to the overall order and inventory data controlled by the ERP, triggers the correct recipe execution at the equipment level, and consolidates all of the key production data into our final electronic Batch Record.’

The most notable feature of this project was the high level of integration between PAS-X and a large number of equipment types, resulting in PAS-X supporting 25 different message types.

The expected benefits of this architecture to B. Braun are streamlined batch production execution, final batch review and product release. Additionally, the captured process data will be used for ongoing process improvement. This highly integrated approach has already been proven in the LIFE and LIFE Nutrition sites at B. Braun in Melsungen, Germany.

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