Packed seminar programme taking place at Lounges 2018


The Lounges exhibition and conference for professionals in the cleanroom and pharma sectors takes place in Messe Karlsruhe, Germany on 6-8 February, but it is also spreading its wings

The German cleanroom show Lounges has a busy seminar programme planned for its annual event in February, which is targeted at the German–speaking countries. The programme comprises 71 sessions spread across six rooms in three days. Presented in German, topics include: water systems, surfaces, cleaning and inspection, impurities and germs, cleanroom consumables and pharmaceutical manufacturing, equipment supply and disposal, plant design and construction, H2O2 catalysts and measurement technology, sterilisation, containment, cleanroom disinfection, calibration, data integrity and regulations.

In addition to the full lecture programme, this year’s Innovation Lab, will enable visitors to actively participate in some seminars. It is designed to create dialogue, ideas exchange and to create new networks, aiding knowledge transfer between companies, exhibitors and participants. The ultimate aim is to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) strengthen their awareness of the current and future significance of innovations and thus improve their businesses.

The Science Café and World Café will be held alongside the Innovation Lab. In the Science Café, experts from science and industry will give talks on innovation and best practice. Each presentation is limited to 15 minutes, followed by a short Q&A session, enabling various topics to be looked at from different angles. Having provided food for thought, the table-based format of the World Café then offers participants the opportunity to ask questions and hear solutions and ideas from other delegates.

Ask Me Everything is another session where two or three experts face 20 minutes of questions from visitors and exhibitors about products or specific issues.

Each day, between 11.00 am – 3.35 pm, the show will run four guided tours per hour through the Darkzone. This zone is set up to provide practical demonstrations on topics such as: germ displacement on floors or in the lock; hygienic design and cleanability of equipment; particle behaviour; wiping and cleaning; cross-contamination; and particle release from wiping textiles.

Lounges on Tour

2017 saw the introduction of Lounges on Tour — smaller events targeted and tailored to the cleanroom and pharma industry held at other German speaking locations, the first of which was in Frankfurt in October 2017. The organiser says that while not all expectations for the Lounges on Tour in Frankfurt could be fulfilled, the basic concept of the low budget and high quality event appealed to the majority of participants and this year two more locations have been confirmed.

On 25–26 September, Lounges on Tour will be held in Vienna, Austria, and on 9–10 October in Berlin, enabling the show to address regions currently some distance from the home of Lounges in Karlsruhe. The organiser says exhibitors have already submitted advance reservations for both events.