Pelican BioThermal announces partnership with Zuellig Pharma in Asia


Zuellig will offer packaging, logistics and warehouse operations in Vietnam

Pelican BioThermal, a supplier of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, has announced a new partnership with Asia’s Zuellig Pharma.

The partnership further aligns with Pelican BioThermal’s plans to grow in the region and the new contract will see Zuellig Pharma in Vietnam utilise reusable Credo products and Credo Cube for parcel shipments. Additional products being used to transport pharmaceutical products include the Credo Xtreme for bulk shipment, ProMed and DuraCube.

The benefits for the deployment of the Credo products include robust controlled-temperature reliability based on the elimination of thermal excursions and low cost of ownership, owing to the reusable nature of the product.

To ensure maximum efficiency of the Credo systems, Zuellig Pharma will undergo training on repair, cleaning and refurbishment services and will use Credo ProEnvision software to manage assets throughout the distribution, return, refurbishment and restocking processes.

Pelican provided consulting services and cold chain optimisation studies as part of the partnership. Zuellig will offer packaging, logistics and warehouse operations.

David Williams, President of Pelican BioThermal, commented: ‘We are very excited about the new relationship with Zuellig Pharma and are honoured to introduce Pelican BioThermal products and services to them as part of our expanding global network.’

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‘Zuellig is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet our high quality standards and support the continuous enhancement of the services to our clients and customers. The deployment of the Credo Cube will only further strengthen Zuellig’s leading position in the provision of cold chain solutions for the pharmaceutical industry,’ stated Darren Wedding, Senior Vice President Operations of Zuellig Pharma.