Piramal Pharma unveils its Sustainability Report FY21–22

Published: 12-Oct-2022

The Report articulates PPL’s ESG strategic and operational framework, and execution roadmap, including specific objective targets

The Report is prepared in accordance with GRI Standards and highlights PPL’s commitment to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and create a positive impact for stakeholders.

Piramal Pharma Limited (PPL) today unveiled its Sustainability Report FY21–22 to provide a view of its performance on Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) parameters. The Report highlights PPL’s responsible growth aspirations through sustainable operations covering all three businesses – Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO), Complex Hospital Generics (CHG) and India Consumer Healthcare (ICH) across India, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US).

The Report focuses on the Company’s purpose and vision that underlies its ESG strategic and operational framework built on the four pillars of Responsible Operations, Stakeholder Centricity, Business Resilience, and Quality and Excellence. Guided by this framework, the Company is committed to reducing its environmental footprints, serving the local communities, providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful workplace, driving ethical business practices and building a more sustainable value chain in partnership with customers and suppliers.

To view the Company’s ESG strategy, framework and targets, please download the full report: PPL Sustainability Report FY21-22

Nandini Piramal, Executive Director of Piramal Enterprises and Chairperson of Piramal Pharma Limited, says, “Piramal has always prioritised sustainability practices at its core across all its operations. We have been taking significant steps in the areas of wastewater recycling and energy conservation, climate change management, increasing the diverse workforce, and continued high commitment towards our CSR initiatives in the areas of healthcare & education. This resonates with our corporate purpose of ‘Doing Well and Doing Good’. With the demerger of Piramal Pharma Limited from the parent company, we believe we are well-positioned to emerge as a responsible,
accountable, and transparent organisation, bringing quality care to patients, while protecting the planet.”

Peter DeYoung, CEO, Global Pharma, says, “Our growth trajectory is guided by responsible business principles. We have taken a structured approach, navigated by a robust ESG framework and formed a ‘Sustainability and Risk’ management committee to guide us in our sustainability endeavours, and track our performance on targets. Our second Sustainability Report is a manifestation of the progress of this journey and provides our stakeholders with a transparent view of our ESG performance. We will continue to make judicious investments to expand sustainable practices across our operations to minimise our environmental footprint, and empower our people and communities to create a greener tomorrow and a better future.”

The Report demonstrates PPL’s intent of sharing its sustainability performance and targets with its stakeholders. Towards this, the Company also responded to the CDP Climate Change and Water Security disclosures. Further, the Company is committed to achieving value chain-based sustainability by engaging with its customers and suppliers on various business aspects, including those related to ESG. PPL is also a member of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI).

Key highlights from the PPL Sustainability Report FY21–22


  • Increased the use of renewable energy by replacing coal with bio-briquette, installing solar roof panels and using hydroelectric power
  • Controlled emissions using process controls and technologies, including nitrogen blanketing, efficient gas scrubbing systems, multistage condensers, bag filters, and electrostatic precipitators
  • Implemented tree plantation programmes across locations; PPL’s manufacturing facilities currently have more than 82,000 trees
  • Drove technology absorption for energy efficiency and greenhouse gases reduction


  • 30% female representatives on the Board of Directors
  • 113 million beneficiaries impacted till date through CSR under Piramal Foundation
  • Zero fatalities in FY21–22
  • 7,834 hours devoted to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) training in FY21–22


  • Formed the Sustainability and Risk Management Committee, headed by the Chairperson, that guides the management on the sustainability endeavours
  • Cleared 269 regulatory inspections and 1,377 customer audits since FY11–12 through FY21–22. Zero Official Actions Indicated (OAIs)
  • Conducted a materiality assessment to identify key material aspects from ESG perspective and developed an ESG strategy framework

PPL’s Strategic ESG Framework

During FY21–22, the Company developed an ESG framework. The framework has 12 focus areas, guiding PPL’s strategic and operational imperatives. This year, PPL undertook specific objective targets and timelines to achieve its ESG goals as the next steps in its ESG journey.



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