Playing it safe with GEA flow components

Published: 24-Aug-2022

Product, process and occupational safety are decisive prerequisites and necessities in every manufacturing process in the pharmaceutical, beverage and food industries

At ACHEMA 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany, GEA is showcasing solutions from its Flow Components division covering all aspects of safety.

All the solutions and technologies presented have one thing in common: they enable manufacturers to control their respective production processes even better.

The consequence of this is knowledge about possibilities to design and develop manufacturing processes even more efficiently, economically and sustainably.

Future-oriented, especially in today's world: VARIVENT Mixproof valve type MX

With the VARIVENT Mixproof valve type MX, GEA presents a solution at ACHEMA 2022 that protects sensitive products from the pharmaceutical, beverage and food industries against even the most demanding situations.

Contamination and process interruptions: The key to this latest development of the GEA VARIVENT concept is technical developments in crucial details that make it possible to prevent the mixing of substances under all conceivable circumstances and thus meet the highest safety requirements.

The new VARIVENT Mixproof valve type MX thus offers a further plus in safety and performance. GEA's next generation MX valve is designed for manufacturers who want another level of product safety.

Safe plant maintenance: LoTo — Lock Out, Tag Out — system from GEA

Manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry operate complex plants with long pipelines. These are often difficult to see.

For example, if machines are repaired during operation, it is important to specifically isolate all work areas from energy sources.

The GEA Lock Out, Tag Out (LoTo) device is used to ensure safe maintenance and commissioning of process equipment.

Energy sources are isolated and visually tagged to prevent unintentional valve movement. These mechanical or pneumatic interlocks help plant operators protect their employees from production hazards.

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