Porvair launches cell culture dishes for all applications


Also available in a range of sizes and styles

Porvair has introduced a range of cell culture dishes

Porvair has introduced a range of cell culture dishes

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Porvair Sciences has introduced a line of cell culture dishes that support a range of applications and the growth of many cell types including primary cells, stem cells, neuronal, mesenchymal, hepatocyte, and endothelial cells.

Available in a range of sizes and styles Porvair cell culture dishes include lids for optimal gas exchange and stacking rings that facilitate easy stacking and handling.

Combining the optical purity of high-pressure moulded 100% USP VI Class virgin crystal polystyrene with a patented low-pressure gas plasma surface treatment, the cell culture dishes enable cells to adhere more efficiently to the surface by reducing their hydrophobicity. Highly polished moulds and rigorous quality control ensure that perfect results are assured every time.

Data from a UK university has shown that adherent cells grow as well or better on Porvair cell culture plastics than on a leading branded product. The full report, including micrographs, can be downloaded from www.epigeneticsexpress.com/application_notes.html

The Porvair cell culture dishes are manufactured in a Class 100000 / ISO Class V cleanroom to ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003 manufacturing standards to ensure that all products are free from DNA/RNA, DNase/RNase and pyrogen contamination.