Reactor-Ready causing a stir at Analytica 2010


Extended range of jacketed reactors and parallel synthesisers designed to improve productivity

Radleys, of Saffron Walden, UK, has chosen the forthcoming Analytica 2010 to launch an extended range of jacketed reactors and parallel synthesisers designed to improve the productivity of the busy medicinal and process chemistry lab.

Visitors to Stand B2.103 will have the chance to see Radleys" innovative range of jacketed lab reactors including the patented Reactor-Ready, new Reactor-Ready Duo and upgraded Lara Plus. These unique reaction systems offer process development chemists and chemical engineers the option to use up to two jacketed and/or vacuum jacketed reactors from 250ml to 10 litres in a single system; saving space, money and time. The systems are available with optional software control and data-logging.

Also on show will be Radleys" range of bench-top chemistry productivity tools. These include the new upgraded Carousel 6 Plus, for six vessels from 5 to 250ml; the Carousel 12 Plus for 12 vessels from 1 to 50ml and the popular Heat-On blocks for single round bottom flask up to 5 litres, plus a range of other reaction tools. All of these synthesis systems are designed to make your chemistry faster, safer, cleaner, more efficient and to help improve yields.

Radleys is the market leader for affordable personal chemistry tools, offering an unrivalled range of high performance process development, parallel synthesis, work-up and evaporation systems. With more than 10,000 systems installed worldwide, Radleys has a proven track record of enhancing the productivity of chemists and chemical engineers from industry to academia. The true innovation of Radleys products is their simplicity, which not only makes them easy to use - but also reduces maintenance and repairs to virtually zero - ensuring a long and productive life.

Radleys' innovative products are backed by a network of specialist distributors throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

For further information please visit Radleys on Stand B2.103.