Recipharm names 2015 International Environmental Award winner


Jerker Fick takes the award for his research into the effect pharmaceuticals have on the environment

Recipharm's eighth International Environmental Award has been won by Jerker Fick, Docent at the Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, Sweden, for his research into the environmental effects of pharmaceuticals.

Through his work, Fick has demonstrated not only in the laboratory, but also in full-scale experiments, how pharmaceuticals affect the environment.

Significantly, his research has demonstrated how antibiotic resistance can occur in close proximity to water production facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and how the residues of pharmaceutical products can disturb the natural behaviour of fish.

Jerker Fick has won Recipharm's eighth International Environmental Award

Jerker Fick has won Recipharm's eighth International Environmental Award

Lars Backsell, Chairman of the Board of Recipharm, said: 'We are delighted to present this award to Jerker. Indeed, his multidisciplinary approach and the insight and mind-set to study the 'cocktail' of emerging organic contaminants, and their long-time effects, makes his research an integral part of how to understand and assess the impact of pharmaceuticals on the environment.'

He added: 'Jerker’s published articles in recognised scientific papers, combined with the more popular scientific presentation of his work raises the awareness in both laymen and scientists of the complex issue of pharmaceuticals and their impact on the environment.'

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Fick said: 'I am very pleased to have secured this accolade. It is highly encouraging that a CDMO like Recipharm takes the environment so seriously and recognises the contribution that research like mine can make to drawing attention to pharmaceutical impact, as we work together to protect the environment.'