Rexam offers 50ml Sof'Bag airless package

Shipped in two components for bag and bottle and pump and cap assembly

The Sof\'Bag is now available in a 50ml size

Rexam Healthcare, a specialist in healthcare rigid plastic packaging and medical devices, has introduced a 50ml version of its Sof’Bag airless package for transdermal and topical products.

The Sof’bag is said to be easy to use for patients while keeping filling simple and logistics easy for drug manufacturers.

Developed by the company to ensure that pharmaceutical formulations are delivered with extreme accuracy, the Sof’bag is shipped in two components: a bag and bottle assembly and a pump and cap assembly.

The multilayer bag in the plastic bottle guarantees maximum protection against contamination and oxidation, while the metering pump dosing from 0.70ml to 1.50ml was developed especially for pharmaceutical use.

The Sof’Bag is currently on the market in the US and in Europe for hormonal treatments and anti-inflammatory gels, for example.

The container can also be supplied in 100ml.