Rollprint Ghost technology thwarts counterfeiters

The process creates a repeating watermark embedded in flexible packaging materials

The Ghost anticounterfeiting technology is incorporated in composite flexible packaging materials

Rollprint Packaging Products of Addision, Illinois, US has developed a new anticounterfeiting technology for composite flexible packaging materials used by medical device and pharmaceutical firms.

Called Ghost, the process creates an integrated, repeating watermark embedded in the packaging material making it technically and economically challenging to duplicate. Pharmaceutical firms have the flexibility to use corporate logos, brand names or other symbology for the easily visible, overt watermark, which provides visual confirmation that the products being used are authentic.

Ghost is suitable for chevron pouches used in medical device applications (such as sutures, scalpels, prefilled syringes, artificial joints, catheters, etc.). The technology can also be used with blister packs, packets and packaging for other security-driven or luxury items.

The proprietary technology can be used with a variety of material combinations including peelable and weld seal options used with polyester, foil, nylon and other substrates.

'Companies that are currently using anticounterfeiting measures typically employ covert options that add significant cost and frequently require specialised equipment. Examples include inks only visible under UV light and micro printing. Because the watermark is added during normal processing, we can usually add the feature at little or no additional cost,' said Dwane Hahn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rollprint.

'The World Health Organization reports that more than eight per cent of medical devices in circulation are counterfeit and more than 10 per cent of global pharmaceutical commerce is counterfeit. These counterfeit devices and drugs not only pose a significant danger to consumer safety but also present a dramatic economic impact to the industry,' added Hahn. 'This is why we are pleased to present our proprietary Ghost technology to the marketplace.'