Rx-360 sets up Traceability Data Exchange Architecture Work Group


Will develop conceptual models for information exchange to comply with global regulations

International supply chain consortium Rx-360 has established a new collaborative work group to support serialisation and track and trace legislation that is evolving globally.

The group will focus on developing conceptual models for the interoperable exchange of information needed to comply with global regulations. It will develop several models that will be discussed and measured for their merits and impact on the supply chain.

The effort will result in a whitepaper for discussion at industry forums by the end of the year and the options could be considered for global pilots.

\'This workgroup is a good example of how Rx-360 operates. We are gathering the best minds in the industry to tackle a complex unmet need in the interest of enhancing patient safety. We don’t achieve interoperable systems without addressing the complexities of data exchange,\' said Rx-360 Chairman Brian Johnson.

The workgroup will be chaired by Lloyd Mager (Abbvie), Peggy Staver (Pfizer), and Brian Rezach (Actavis).

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A call for participation from all industry segments will be issued shortly.