Rx-360 sets up supply chain security workgroup


To work on initiatives in outsourcing, security and logistics

Rx-360, an international pharma industry consortium, has set up a supply chain security workgroup to develop and share best practices and information on key supply chain security processes and enhance collaboration among supply chain firms.

Rx-360 defines supply chain security as the prevention, detection, and response to economic adulteration, theft, illegal diversion, fraud, and counterfeiting of components and/or finished goods.

The workgroup will be looking at the complete supply chain, starting with raw materials and ending when patients receive their medicine. It will work on initiatives in outsourcing, conveyance security and logistics, site and warehouse security, trading partner practices, and market surveillance.

‘Rx360’s mission is to help strengthen the security of our supply chains and ultimately protect patient safety,’ said Brian Johnson, senior director of supply chain security at Pfizer.

‘This workgroup will compliment work already started by Rx-360 but focus on other parts of the supply chain.’